Posted by Zoe Boddy- McEwen

Posted 11 May, 2015 OBI NEWS


The event, kindly introduced by Sir Howard Bernstein, Chief Executive of Manchester City Council, was held earlier tonight at the People’s History Museum in Spinningfields, Manchester.

The evening had been billed as the launch of what had become known as The Cotton Building. However, Mike Ingall, CEO of Allied London, quickly seized the opportunity to stage ‘an intervention’

He energetically dismissed ‘tired, old pre-conceptions about workplace culture’ and laid out details for XYZ, an exciting, global concept. Concluding with an XYZ film animation, his plans were enthusiastically received by the 200 agents and business leaders present.

Created in the heart of Spinningfields, XYZ is designed to fully embrace the working and lifestyle needs of contemporary business.

Michael Ingall CEO explained:  ‘’We recognised very early on in the development process that successful modern businesses, the ‘XYZ Generation’, had three clear requirements. These 3 factors; Structure, Culture and Dynamic, shaped all of the thinking on the XYZ concept’’

XYZ Structure 

XYZ provides a purpose built structure designed to be the modern standard for sophisticated specification and for long-term sustainability. An architecture of intelligent features and integrated systems are configured to be easy and flexible to use.

XYZ is a total of 160,000 sq ft across 20,000 sq ft floor plates and with over 30,000 sq ft of public amenity space including cafes, restaurants, meeting spaces, a bike park, leisure facilities.

XYZ is plugged into the Spinningfields environment that is already established and renowned as a super-connected network and location.

Ingall, ‘‘XYZ is only for companies who are gearing up to work, achieve and above all, succeed. Put simply, XYZ is a building block for enterprise.’’

XYZ Culture 

XYZ invites interaction with the building as a cultural idea.

More than just a practical solution, XYZ is a new way to think about, operate and deliver a place to work.

The XYZ community culture is a connecting experience that brings together people willing and able to experience and share new values.

A vibrant and stimulating working eco-system of new cutting edge ideas for collaborating, learning, re-charging, socialising, interaction, resting and innovating.

Ingall, ‘‘The vision has been, and always will be, global. XYZ is a crucible for ideas.Our focus is on the very best of world class references in trends, tastes and technologies.

XYZ Dynamic 

Recognising the need of modern companies to rapidly grow, diversify, shape, alter, merge or even downsize, XYZ is designed to be multi-platform, to be adaptable, to help manage change.

XYZ is an environment for successful growth. A work in progress. A Living Experiment.

Ingall, ‘’We offer choice and we celebrate change.

Our focus and delivery on user need means that there is a clear and vital differentiation between XYZ and all competitors. Certainly locally and nationally and arguably, globally’’

He concluded:  ‘’ XYZ is set to define the next generation of property asset class. To become both an international landmark and benchmark’’

OBI Property is appointed as leasing agent on the building. Will Lewis commented: “The XYZ Building is going to be one of the most exciting pieces of real estate ever to be developed and we are already speaking with a number of occupiers showing significant interest in taking space in the building.”