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Staying Active Whilst Working From Home

Posted by Kate Jackson & Paul Mills

Posted 29 March, 2020 OBI BLOG

We’re all fully aware of the importance of exercise for both its health benefits and mental wellbeing. During all of this uncertainty that we’re living in at the moment, doing one form of activity...

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Home Working With Pets; A Survival Guide

Posted by Kate Demmerling

Posted 27 March, 2020 OBI BLOG

As a result of recent events many of us have now been thrust into the home working world, finding ourselves having to share our workspaces with family members and partners who might not be too happy t...

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A Natural Workspace

Posted by Darius Baniabassian

Posted 26 March, 2020 OBI BLOG

Wellbeing is a word that is constantly being circulated around yet what does it mean for the home working environment? We all have a need to think more positively and free ourselves from the daily str...

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Let there be light…

Posted by Andrew Crompton

Posted 25 March, 2020 OBI BLOG

Replicating your office environment at home is certainly challenging but following our previous advice, once you have a suitable desk and your ergonomic task chair set up, you’re pretty much sor...

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OBI ‘Home Working’

Posted by OBI

Posted 23 March, 2020 OBI BLOG

OBI wants to offer our support and advice on all things that will help you setup and manage your business successfully from home in these difficult times. We will provide you with helpful tips ...

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Will Lewis on 10 years of OBI

Posted by OBI

Posted 3 February, 2020 OBI BLOG

OBI is 10 years old and I’ve loved every minute of the past decade. There have been plenty of highs, but the journey hasn’t been without its challenges. When I think back, we must have been ma...

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OBI 5G refresher — featuring WiredScore

Posted by Rob Prescott

Posted 23 January, 2020 OBI BLOG

Download PDF The roll out of 5G is progressing across the world, there are several reasons to be excited when considering how this will affect workspace in the future. This blog will re...

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To good health?

Posted by Oliver Stainsby

Posted 10 December, 2019 OBI BLOG

The NHS is once again the topic of hot debate, being thrust centre stage in the General Election with various promises tabled by the respective parties. There are no doubt strains and challenges ahea...

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How do you solve a problem like… workspace design? Introducing OBI Swish

Posted by Jessica England

Posted 20 November, 2019 OBI BLOG

I’ve been working in interior design for seven years and over the course of that time I have always been frustrated at the time-consuming traditional approach to office design. We love collabora...

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Leeds and co-working: what next?

Posted by Rob Prescott

Posted 11 November, 2019 OBI BLOG

It might not be making many headlines, but the appetite among businesses for co-working and managed workspaces has shown no signs of slowing in Leeds and other key regional cities through 2019. Th...

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