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Q2 Market Update – OBI secure 82% of leasing activity across subdued quarter

Posted by Paul Mills

Posted 23 July, 2020 OBI BLOG

As anticipated, the impacts of COVID-19 on the Manchester office market were realised in the second quarter of 2020 with many businesses temporarily pausing their office relocations. However, despite ...

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Posted by Kate Jackson

Posted 22 July, 2020 OBI BLOG

“Exceptional employee experience doesn’t happen accidentally - it is the result of an approach that puts the employee and their role in the organisation at the centre of leadership’s att...

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The Future Workplace – Survey Results

Posted by Jordana Anderson and Kate Jackson

Posted 1 July, 2020 OBI BLOG


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Posted by Richard Lace

Posted 9 June, 2020 OBI BLOG

Following a strong year in 2019 for the Manchester workspace market, the first quarter of 2020 had continued in the same positive way, with several high-profile occupiers, both homegrown and inw...

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OBI – Creating and maintaining a positive work-from-home culture.

Posted by Jordana Anderson

Posted 29 May, 2020 OBI BLOG

Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week, with a focus on the power and potential of kindness. A small act of kindness can be the antidote to shifting a negative feeling, or simply making a pers...

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Office Ventilation Guidelines during Covid-19

Posted by Ruth Goldacre

Posted 6 May, 2020 OBI BLOG

One of the biggest challenges facing employers at this time of uncertainty is making sense of the building they occupy. Advice and guidance may mention drastic changes to previously automatic inte...

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Social Distancing – Lifts

Posted by Ruth Goldacre

Posted 4 May, 2020 OBI BLOG

As we have identified in our Landlord and Occupier Guides to Returning to Work Safely, there is no doubt that the biggest challenge will be managing and enforcing social distancing. Social cont...

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It’s more than just a desk, it has been for a while..

Posted by Rob Prescott

Posted 27 April, 2020 OBI BLOG

The immediate effects of COVID-19 are clear for all to see, and with the lockdown being increased for a minimum of 3 weeks, we are going to have to adapt further to the situation over the coming w...

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Embracing Technology in these times of Social Distancing

Posted by Graham Thorpe

Posted 3 April, 2020 OBI BLOG

In the current pandemic it is proving more difficult to survey buildings safely and quickly whilst complying with the Government’s requirement to socially distance. It is therefore more important th...

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The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) and site operating procedures

Posted by Ruth Goldacre

Posted 2 April, 2020 OBI BLOG

As a result of the pandemic, the circumstances that face every construction professional are untested. Most organisation’s disaster contingency planning have probably not contemplated somethin...

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