Posted by Joe Averill

Posted 7 August, 2019 OBI BLOG

Manchester’s become pretty good at digital hubs over the last few years (All Works & Social, SpaceportX, Beehive Mill, amongst others) – and they all owe a debt to The Sharp Project, the city’s first success story in the field, a project ahead of its time.

Housed in a former electronics facility that had been occupied by the one-time Manchester United shirt sponsor, The Sharp Project was a home for creatives, digital and technology firms, the first of its kind in Manchester. The space was designed to provide offices, meeting space, event space, catering and green screen studios – a significant level of amenity.

The Sharp Project has seen some great success stories, among them Digital Next growing throughout the space and digital adoption firm AppLearn moving from start up to scale up which saw them rise from four employees up to approximately 90.

Behind these stories was The Sharp Project’s focus on a well thought-out eco-system with flexibility and a diverse range of workspace that enabled a seamless growth strategy for these businesses.

So what is the next step? We are now preparing to launch a new kind of workspace, designed to enhance the level of offering for the next generation of tech and creative business minds…welcome to Arbeta.

Like The Sharp Project, Arbeta is part of the Manchester Creative Digital Assets family, sitting a stone’s throw away, meaning that the new facility will knit effortlessly into the local business ecosystem, providing flexibility, connectivity and community at the heart of its values.

Arbeta will provide a range of spaces from coworking/breakout space, to small private suites and larger conventional space, not to forget a stunning light-filled atrium along with a café. The connectivity for transport is great with strong links to the city centre and leading brand hotels within close proximity.

There will be a tailored events programme, designed to create a learning community, stronger networks and speaking opportunities to enhance brand presence. The events will also aim to create a stronger, more intertwined community to open up ways of collaboration and mutual support.

A similar but expanded environment to The Sharp Project, we are anticipating another success story with Arbeta.

If you are looking for a new workspace and want to take your business to the next level, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and the OBI team would be more than happy to take you around Arbeta.