Posted by Quentin Ashby

Posted 9 January, 2014 OBI BLOG

When confronted with an approaching lease break or expiry, it’s easy to be quickly overwhelmed with the choices that lie ahead and the temptation is often to take the easiest route and simply…..”do nothing”!

In this quarter’s relocation feature we speak with Quentin Ashby, Managing Director of Join the Dots, from their new office at The Hive in the Northern Quarter, about their recent relocation and the challenges they had to overcome along the way:

DSC_7379Q. When did you first start to think about your need to move offices?

A. 12 months prior to the lease expiry date we knew we were going to have to start thinking about undertaking a move. We’d begun to reach capacity in our current office and we needed somewhere to accommodate the next phases of growth for the company.

It was a pretty daunting prospect, with legal requirements for serving our break option and dilapidations liabilities to consider.

Q. Did you ever think about staying put?

A. Yes, but our offices didn’t meet the needs of the firm, we’re a forward thinking online technology firm and we needed our working environment to reflect this, not only for our client’s sake but also for our ever expanding employee base.

Q. Why did you choose The Hive?DSC_7388

A. Having started the search process ourselves we quickly realised we were outside of our comfort zone. It was at this point we retained OBI to undertake the relocation for us. They had all of the necessary expertise in-house to help us understand what we needed from our new office.

They helped us draw up a relocation brief, detailing the amount of space and numbers of people we needed to accommodate, both now and in the future.

We discussed relocation costs so we could budget for the move as a business. This not only involved the exit costs from our existing building, but also the fit out, occupational and running costs of our new office.

Having identified our preferred option they managed the legal process with our solicitors and designed and delivered the fit out of the new space.

Q. What were the biggest challenges you faced when undertaking the move?

DSC_7468A. It became clear pretty early on that the process of relocating a business was going to involve a lot more resource than we had originally expected. Whilst we still had to designate a project team, OBI took control and lead the process for us, giving us the confidence we had considered all of the available options and were achieving best value throughout.

When it came to the design and fit out of the space, the chosen building, The Hive provided space finished to a shell specification meaning we had a completely blank canvas to work with in terms of how we wanted our office space to look and feel. OBI spent time to truly understand the ethos and philosophy of the firm before designing an office that matched perfectly with the image and profile we want to portray to both existing and new clients.

For further information on how OBI may be able to assist in relocating your offices please contact any member of the team on 0161 237 17 17.