Posted by Joe Averill

Posted 28 February, 2018 OBI BLOG

textI could never work for a large organisation. Obviously, everybody’s different and I’d never claim to speak for anyone else, but I much prefer working in a nimble startup-style environment where freedom and flexibility are encouraged, to allow you to put forward your own ideas and execute new initiatives.

Trust, shared values and a cultural fit are three very strong and important combinations for an enjoyable career. I have been fortunate to have been left to my own devices at OBI Property and have had a great deal of trust and belief put in me from my first day at the business.

It’s important to always keep pushing out of one’s comfort zone, though and most of us need, at some point, to be pushed – especially at the beginning of a completely new role. I’ve been pushed out of my comfort zone in various ways at OBI – public speaking and presenting awards on behalf of the business are two areas that spring to mind, these and other examples done in my best interests.

Just 18 months ago the world of networking was completely alien to me. I was used to working in an environment where I was in an office, 9 to 5, every day. I will never forget how nervous I was at my first networking event. Now it has become second nature.

It was a learning curve, and after listening to pitches for what felt like hours, I realised a lot of people were just there to speak about themselves, their businesses and to sell without much interest in you and your business. This is obviously an element of networking, but I decided to focus on the value that can be created, for the people we meet and for OBI.

text-2My first thought at these events is to see how I can add value to others and find people who are committed to achieving the same goals as me. I believe this is key to strong relationships and performance – can we leverage one another’s networks? What can I do to connect interesting people and businesses I’ve met? Most people can talk, but being a good listener is far more important.

This approach reflects OBI’s values. What OBI does is attempt to understand our clients’ challenges outside of real estate strategy and provide forums in order for them to discuss current issues within their sector. We aim to bring together a community who face similar challenges and those that can help to support the challenges.

Over the last few years, we’ve been lucky to have had a significant role in shaping the city and we are passionate about driving Manchester further forward in the future to provide the best framework for the city to continue its momentum.

Further to this we aim to help those new businesses entering the city, whether they are a client or not – everyone benefits when good businesses settle well. We focus on how we can add value to these businesses in connecting them to the ever-increasing OBI network.

text3Part of my role at OBI is to understand clients’ objectives so we can be assured we are adding value on every front. We work with businesses of all sizes, from one person up to thousands of employees, so challenges and objectives vary. OBI make sure we make the right connections at the right time, whether that be a recruitment drive, looking to raise investment, or find a service provider – we look to support in any way we can.

Real estate is integral to businesses, but we believe that only by taking a holistic view can we best add value. So if you’re seeking value from OBI Property, whether you are looking to relocate your office or expand your reach – please feel free to drop me a line, or call into Clockwork for a chat – I’m always looking to expand my network.

If you are unfamiliar with Clockwork, it is an open space located at our OBI Manchester office which is bookable for our clients, contacts and friends. Please just call if you’d like to book clockwork.