Posted by Will Lewis

Posted 1 August, 2016 OBI BLOG

You might have noticed that there’s rather a large building making its way skywards off Manchester’s Quay Street.

1No. 1 Spinningfields is, in a sense, where it’s all been leading. Since the turn of the millennium, Spinningfields has continually pushed Manchester forward in terms of the quality of its offer: from the initial buildings delivered for Royal Bank of Scotland’s new northern headquarters, through the triumph of multiple lettings at 3 Hardman Street; through to more recent stories such as the reinvention of The Avenue as a successful restaurant quarter and XYZ, a new way of delivering a property solution. No .1 will be the last piece of the jigsaw – and Allied London is going all out to make sure it is the very best it can be in every way. We’re very proud to be part of the team.

World class

2World class is what we’re saying it is, because world class is what it is. What you get with No. 1 Spinningfields is the whole package. Too often, even brand new commercial buildings are to all intents and purposes an office block, with ground floor left over for restaurants and retail of greater or lesser quality. But here, every part of the mix is vital, contributing to the best in class environment. The espresso bar, business lounge, food hall, rooftop restaurant and terrace have all been given every bit as much consideration as the commercial floors. None of these elements could be considered “add-ons”.

Telling the story

Every bit as much thought and debate has gone into the whole marketing package – from brochures and online presence, through the site hoardings and to the No. 1 Spinningfields app. The marketing suite is, likewise, a truly top of the range experience. Entered via a high tech ID system, visitors are taken up to a high end business lounge and meeting space with a glorious (weather dependent, of course!) sun deck. Allied has made this a high quality space because it would be doing No. 1 Spinningfields a disservice to present it in any other way.
The four subheadings that are consistent throughout the No. 1 Spinningfields branding tell the story: Design. Amenity. Office. Location. With the use of subtle, elegant line graphics and a black/white colour palette, the stage is set for the story to be told. This is the best in new design. It will have a higher level of amenity than other buildings. The office space will be superior, whether occupiers are large or small. And of course, location – it’s right there within Manchester’s commercial heart.

3Digital connection

All this is backed up by an app that allows potential occupiers and interested observers to experience No. 1 Spinningfields from anywhere in the world. All the key information on local amenities, transport connections and so on is available in a rolling menu, and there’s a handy “floor stacker” element that shows users exactly what will be situated where.
There’s also a full gallery of CGI shots helping people visualise the completed floorplates. The internal views are really important element, and users can zoom in to a position on each floorplate that will give them a panoramic 360-degree visualisation of how things will look.

All of this has taken a lot of care and commitment from all members of the team to get things absolutely right ahead of the recent launch. But as the building makes it way towards completion, it will become clear what makes this so special. Manchester’s set to see the bar raised once more.