Posted by Joe Averill

Posted 15 March, 2018 OBI BLOG

text-1Place Tech is where the worlds of property and technology collide. Set up this year by the highly regarded Place North West, which last year celebrated ten years of bringing vital news and analysis to the property industry, PlaceTech is dedicated to the technological innovation and digital transformation occurring in the wider real estate sector.

It is the aim of PlaceTech to educate, inform and champion the products, services and pioneers bringing technology into the UK property sector.


Why have OBI joined the PlaceTech movement?

OBI Property are the real estate firm with a digital difference – we are always looking to innovate to make sure we are ahead of the curve and enhance competitiveness within the market.

This partnership aligns with our brand, with our values and with our direction as a business. This is highlighted by our recent partnership with Revere 3d, taking us in to the realm of virtual/augmented reality. OBI’s commitment to digital includes us having an in-house green screen video studio and our latest app ‘Calico’ – set to launch soon, will give us yet more of a tech focus.

We believe property and technology are two communities that haven’t conversed enough, in Manchester or anywhere, and there needs to be a platform to connect businesses across these two sectors. By bridging the gap, we believe it will allow for more innovation within the property sector, encourage growth and enhance assets across the city.


– Blockchain & Cryptocurrency – This will have a significant impact on property both in the commercial and residential markets. Exciting businesses such as Energimine are emerging in the city which will look to decentralise global energy markets by rewarding energy efficient behaviour.

– Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality – This will have a significant impact across a multitude of sectors, in particular the gaming sector. We really see this disrupting the property industry and adding significant value to landlords within the city – changing how they market their assets. VR and AR will provide landlords with the ability to provide a greater insight to their audience on the attributes of developments prior to their being built.

– Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – Big data is now empowering Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Manchester is seeing the growth of cutting edge technology and leaders in the field (such as Peak) cement their position in Manchester. AI and Machine Learning is already having an impact within the world of property in Manchester. Prop-tech business Wondrwall is disrupting the housing industry using AI and ML to deliver more efficient and intelligent homes.

PlaceTech Founder Paul Unger stated “The benefits of tech to property are only just starting to be understood. Saving time and costs, increasing efficiency, accelerating sales, improving the occupier experience. We intend to fill that gap between property and technology. The support of all our launch partners, including OBI, is vital and we look forward to sharing their tech credentials with the market as they help us shape our new platform”.

These are exciting times for property, an industry that hasn’t always been the quickest to embrace new ways of doing things. In supporting PlaceTech, OBI is making sure we’re on top of the technologies and ideas that are changing the world of work.

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