Posted by Joe Averill

Posted 1 August, 2017 OBI BLOG

Team-blog-picToday marks a full year since I joined OBI Property.
Previously, I worked for a fast growth tech business in the Sharp Project, Manchester, until last year when I made a huge shift in my career path. I decided to swap the Newton Heath commute to a nice short walk from my place in the Northern Quarter to St Peters Square and join OBI.
June summer 2016, I was finishing work on a Friday evening when I received a phone call from a family friend asking if I wanted to join them that night in Mallorca, Spain. Without giving it a second thought I packed a suitcase and headed straight to the airport.
Who else is sat next to me on the flight other than OBI director Will Lewis and Andrew Cowell. If you have never been in the same room as them together then I can clarify for you – they are a nightmare! I spent 2 hours on the flight with them trying (keyword…trying) to wind me up and get a reaction out of me which I must admit I found funny.
To my delight it turned out that they were on the same trip as me (can you detect the sarcasm?). Joking aside – I ended up getting on well with Will and Andrew, who both educated me on OBI Property and what they were getting up to in the city. On the last day of the trip Will asked me to join the business as he believed my skill-set would add something different to the team.
After careful consideration and research I decided that I would make the transition from tech to property as I felt ready for a new challenge. I have not looked back once. This has been one of the best decisions I have made and I feel rejuvenated. There was a point after I had finished travelling where I thought my drive and ambition had been lost permanently.
Day one in the office was slightly overwhelming – it was as if people were speaking a foreign language due to the property jargon that was being used. However, there was one thing clear from the start and that was the culture and energy within the office. There is never a quiet moment and communication is seen as vital between all three teams to achieve the best result for our clients. Our 3 teams; Transactions & Asset management, Building consultancy & Workspace consultancy.
I couldn’t be happier with my role which is an unconventional in the world of property. It centres aroJOe-blog-twound continuing to promote the OBI brand, bringing in new technology and forming strategic partnerships. A recent OBI partnership is the move in to the world of VR/AR with Revere3D which enhances our value proposition, improves how our clients market their assets and continues the disruptive nature of OBI.
In the past 12 months I have been building my network and helped to advise some of Manchester’s most exciting businesses across a number of sectors with their end to end real estate strategy. Most notably which involved OBI searching the Manchester market for their new space, negotiating the deal and furthermore completing the project management and fit out – Recently winning commercial fit out of the year and Manchester’s coolest office.
I spend a lot of my evenings networking and looking to meet new people within Manchester’s business community. Feel free to drop me a message on Linkedin. I enjoy spending my time amongst the world of tech businesses. In my opinion it is the most exciting sector and I want to contribute to ensuring an environment to support businesses to be successful in Manchester as we are an important part of that eco-system. However, I am interested in connecting with people across all sectors.
As biased as it is; there is no better place for me than Manchester to be living and working in currently. Every week there is a new restaurant, a new development and other positive steps being made to enhance the city. We are working closely with clients on some brilliant new developments across Manchester which will shape its future.
So all in all, my first year has been a lot of hard work and a lot of fun – which epitomises the work hard play hard mentality at OBI. We are working on bringing some very interesting products and updates to fruition in the coming months which I look forward to releasing soon.

Here is to the next year at OBI…