Posted by Zoe Boddy-McEwen

Posted 26 April, 2016 OBI NEWS

Clockwork-1Welcome to Clockwork, a newly created part of OBI’s expanded central Manchester office. It’s a unique space where our clients, contacts and friends can drop in to use at their convenience. Whether it’s checking emails or making a call on the move; a bit of downtime between meetings; or just ducking out of the rain for a coffee and a chat, the door is open.

Clockwork-2Business is about collaboration. The many workplaces OBI has helped our clients create since we started out in 2010 all have something in common: they’re great places to be. More holistic in atmosphere than a traditional office environment, the spaces we like offer different areas for different things. They make the visitor feel welcome, instantly at home.

Sometimes called lounges or hubs, these are places where people can work, where they can switch off and relax, where they can grab some refreshments and catch up with whatever they want in more professional and discreet surroundings. So come in have a look…. we hope you like it…


For more information, please contact Ashleigh:

T: 0161 237 1717

E: [email protected]