Posted by James Bostock

Posted 24 October, 2016 OBI BLOG

image-2-for-Orange-Book-blogOne day in October 2015, social media was ablaze with the question “Where’s my hoverboard?” – the day in question being the date travelled to in the 1980s film Back to the Future 2, during which Marty McFly escaped the family nemesis Biff Tannen by using a hoverboard.

The best response – and it never takes too long for a smart response to come from someone in the Twittersphere – was along the lines of “’Where’s my hoverboard, wailed the man typing his anguish into a tiny device containing virtually all the world’s information ever’. Point proven.

We really are spoilt these days – so much of the information we need to do our jobs is available by tapping a few quick words into Google, that it can now feel frustrating when things take a while longer.

But of course, so much stuff – quality information – does take longer to obtain. In most professional fields, you shouldn’t be relying on a quick search engine result to base serious opinions or statements on. The instruments we use have got niftier, lighter and more space-age compared to those of our forebears, but you’ve still got to put in the hard yards.

That’s exactly what the team here at OBI has done with the Orange Book, a piece of work we’re really proud of. It’s been four years in the making, and contains all the key information anyone could want on every substantial office building in the Manchester market.

If there’s a nugget of information you want to know, it’s here: floorplate sizes, floor-to-ceiling heights, sub-divisibility of floors, lighting, number of lifts, number of toilets, parking, bike spaces, showers. It has taken a major investment of our time and resources to create, but proper research takes time, and we’d like to think that we’ve created as comprehensive a property intelligence resource as Manchester has.

It looks and feels great as well, as befits a bespoke piece of work that should prove an invaluable reference tool for anyone with a professional interest in the nuts and bolts of Manchester’s commercial property market.


This is a serious piece of work, one conceived with investors in mind – we think it provides all the insight those looking to make major investments require. But it should be of equal value to those on the other side of the fence, the occupiers – as a firm, we’ve never been interested in holding back information. Providing all the intelligence and information we can to support the businesses and individuals we work with is what OBI are all about.

So there you have it – a brief introduction to the Orange Book, an intelligence tool to be used in addition to the knowledge, insight and ongoing advice that our team provides amid an ever-changing market.