Posted by Will Lewis

Posted 6 August, 2014 After Work

LargerIf you’ll indulge us for just a moment, we’d like to tell you a bit more about the new OBI app. We think it’s pretty special and it’s something we’ve invested quite a bit of time and money in over the last few months, so we hope you do too.

All the effort’s been worthwhile (we hope!), because we think what we’re giving to the market is something genuinely new and exciting. An opportunity to look at buildings and spaces in a new way, a way that makes use of the sort of technology hi-tech industries are used to, but perhaps the world of property hasn’t quite got up to speed with just yet. Our occupier clients, the likes of NCC Group, Code Computerlove, Carloans4U, The Hut Group, and, all use technology well to lead their respective fields, and we’re taking the hint.

So what does it do? Through the use of Augmented Reality it fuses the virtual and real world, bringing to life the space that we’re marketing, allowing you to visualise what an office space will really look like. It also enables users to view video content like our OBI showreel. We’re trying to put ourselves in the shoes of the occupier. Those of us inside the industry may find 2D floor plans and CGIs absolutely fine – they’re what we’ve always worked with – but they don’t “speak” to the majority of occupiers in any meaningful way.

Nothing can beat the process of physically inspecting what a building has to offer, but what this does allow you to do is a sizeable chunk of the groundwork at your convenience. Once on-site it will elevate the viewing experience by helping you visualise what a vacant space will look like when fitted out as a fully functioning office with furniture, offices, kitchen and breakout spaces.

What’s more, the improved visualisation should make things easier to share with colleagues, securing that all-important buy-in. It’s all about making sure you have all the tools we can put at your disposal to help. Very 21st century, hey?

It’s all part of the collaborative process – there’s no smoke and mirrors with us, in many ways what we’re doing is meeting halfway with smart, tech-savvy business occupiers. In a very real sense, what you’ll see is what you’ll get. We’re sharing this to better allow business occupiers to make their property decisions – which at the end of the day, is what OBI are all about.

If you’re interesting in finding out what we’re talking about, click here and download the PDF which gives you a full introduction to what’s on offer…….