Posted by Richard Lace

Posted 23 November, 2012 After Work

Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry hosted the launch of The Loop. The Loop brings over 48 miles (77km) of super-fast connectivity to Manchester reaching speeds of 1 GB/s. The network encompasses the city centre and connects to Oldham, Gorton, Stretford and Eccles. The Fibre network will offer companies and public sector organisations based within Manchester super-fast connectivity to the rest of the UK and beyond.

The cables were installed by Atlantic Telecom prior to the 2002 Commonwealth Games however the company then went into administration and the network has been dormant ever since.  Gamma who is one of the largest communications businesses within the UK purchased the equipment from the administrator. Bob Falconer, CEO of Gamma spoke at the event said “We recognise that Manchester aspires to be the UK’s tech city and needs the very best in connectivity to achieve this, and we want to help the city realise this ambition. Today it would cost tens of millions to install this level of cabling from scratch and cause massive disruption by digging up the roads. This is a fantastic asset which we want to share with businesses in the city. ”

Sue Woodward, Project Director of Manchester’s Sharp Project also spoke at the event and said that infrastructure will support Manchester’s ambition to be one of the world’s top 20 digital cities by 2020.

The event was a great success and showed that exciting times lie ahead of Manchester.