Posted by Kate Gately

Posted 7 June, 2013 OBI BLOG

IMG_2120Three months ago I entered the real world and began working life at OBI Property. I don’t live in Manchester so a big change for me was commuting, I joined the hundreds of workers who get on the Metro each morning and come into Manchester. St Peters Square is by far the most popular stop, where the majority of people who have crammed inside the carriages empty out. This is also the stop I get off to work at OBI.

Blog 3St Peters Square, aside from the hustle and bustle of commuters, is very busy at the moment due to undergoing a complete re-modelling. Since starting work it has been fascinating to see the change in this area of Manchester and to also see the pace of how quickly 1 St Peter’s Square is being erected for KPMG. It is great being able to work and watch the daily progress of the changes being made as the square begins to take shape – our boardroom overlooks it all!

Blog 2The peace gardens that represented Manchester being the world’s first nuclear-free city in 1980 has been removed from the square to make space for the new tram stop as it is being moved closer to our office above Nero’s coffee shop. The new gardens will soon begin to take shape and still surround the original cenotaph with more trees soon to be planted.

IMG_4195It will be great to see St Peter’s Square start to look like one of the most important central locations in Manchester as it is steeped in history and becoming more pedestrian friendly will enable more open space, trendy bars and cafes to succeed. It’s great to watch!