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Posted 3 February, 2020 OBI BLOG

OBI is 10 years old and I’ve loved every minute of the past decade. There have been plenty of highs, but the journey hasn’t been without its challenges.

When I think back, we must have been mad. No money, a five-month-old baby and a business plan drafted on the back of a fag packet.

On top of that, with the economy in a weak position, emotionally charged former employers tried to ruin us before we even got the company off the ground.

From all that though came a toughness and resilience that has stood us in good stead. We set the record straight in the high court with the former employers and haven’t looked back. In a weird way we took a lot from it – it made us more determined to succeed.

To this day no one out there works harder. We achieve the best results for our clients because of the strong relationships we form with them. Open, honest and frank conversations go a long way and are the bedrock to achieving the best results.

The relationships OBI has built – with institutional clients, entrepreneurs, high net-worths and creative geniuses – set us apart from competitors who are passed work from their London counterparts. We deal in real client interaction and trust.

Working with some of the finest UK business and property brains has undoubtedly taught us a great deal. But it’s not just been a learning ground – on many occasions professional relationships have turned into strong long-term friendships. This is what OBI is built on.

While our clients have been amazing, and meeting and chatting to them on a daily basis is something that I enjoy now as much as ever, OBI wouldn’t be where it is without a world class team.

Building the team from three people to 10 is relatively straightforward but growing to over 30 means you must develop a sustainable and inspiring culture. Together we’ve done that as the lion’s share of our 34 people have been with us for several years.

OBI’s crystal-clear vision is based on core values that we have collectively agreed. And we are all aligned in the pursuit of our vision.

I don’t want to name everyone that has helped us during the 10-year journey; the list is way too long. But you know who you are, and I can honestly say we really appreciate all the support you have given to OBI and me personally.

We are going to hold a series of gatherings, including dinners and parties throughout 2020 and look forward to celebrating with our team, friends and clients. Bring on the next 10 years.