Character Profiling For The Workplace

Kate Jackson | 22 July 2020

“Exceptional employee experience doesn’t happen accidentally
– it is the result of an approach that puts the employee and their
role in the organisation at the centre of leadership’s attention.”
– Leesman Index

Behind every successful company is a dynamic workforce of people, each
with their own personal and professional needs. Workplaces have been slowly
adapting to cater for this over the past few years and we’ve seen the traditional
workplace turn into a more ‘homely’ atmosphere blending work with home, and
as a result, making people feel more comfortable in their working surroundings.
Following COVID-19, we’re expecting to see a huge rise in agile working policies
within the workplace focusing on bringing groups of people together, making
employees feel inclusive, and boosting staff morale. The Future Workplace will
provide people with a central hub to come together, socialise, experience new
things and make new connections.

Relationships with colleagues and clients will flourish if a sense of community is
created within the workplace resulting in an intimate workforce, and contributing
to the ultimate success of a business.
The key to a successful workplace is employee satisfaction, and in order to
achieve this, the workplace must perform for each individual users needs. On
an individual level, the workplace environment must support the employees
activity profile which will inform how well the space is utilised. This ultimately
comes down to who you are, what you do and where you do it.

Some individuals will be required to perform a limited number of core activities,
so therefore would prefer to have more of a designated work setting. Whereas
others may have a higher activity complexity so would suit an unassigned desk
with access to a variety of workplace settings, such as hot-desks, phone booths,
collaborative spaces, quiet pods, etc.

Character profiling is one of the ingredients to a successful workplace which
enhances productivity and also job satisfaction as it gives each employee the
choice of how they prefer to work on any given day. As workplace consultants,
we compile surveys and questionnaires tailored to your business in order to
understand your people and how they work on a day-to-day basis.

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