Posted by Kate Demmerling

Posted 27 March, 2020 OBI BLOG

As a result of recent events many of us have now been thrust into the home working world, finding ourselves having to share our workspaces with family members and partners who might not be too happy to be working alongside us. However, our pets on the other hand are more than thrilled to have us at home.

As great as it is to have these new furry colleagues to keep us company, they can create challenges and distractions of their own. Here are five tips on how to deal with these new work colleagues to ensure that you keep your sanity and remain productive.

-Exercise first

Start your day off right by taking your furry friend for a walk or playing with them before you settle down to start working. This gets both you and your pet moving and in a better frame of mind for the day, and hopefully they will also be tired so you can focus on your work with minimal distractions whilst they have a snooze.

-Keep a tidy workspace

A tidy workspace is a tidy mind. Having your cat or dog sat by your feet can be comforting and cozy for them too so keep this area clear of lots of books, papers and wires so when you’re busy working your pets aren’t busy chewing, keeping them and your work safe.

-Occupy their minds

Got an important call to make? need to focus? Keep your pet occupied by giving them toys that will provide mental or physical stimulation and will keep them quiet and distracted so you can get on with your work in peace.

-Conversations with your pet

Working from home can be lonely at times when you’ve got no one to chat to. Talking to your pets gives them the attention they crave and is good for your mental health too. Although they can’t understand everything you’re saying they do make for good therapists and may have better listening skills than some of your colleagues.

-Welcome them into your space

Locking your pet out the room isn’t necessarily the best way to keep them quiet. So if you can tolerate potential odors, then bring your pets bed or blanket into the room where you’re working which provides you with company and keeps them content, eliminating any whining or barking that would occur if they’re shut out.